Donau Chemie is  ...


... the model of an ecological company.

Our company's mission obliges us to take special ecological responsibility.

We do not just want to fulfil the current legal requirements, but we want to be a model ecological company and observe the highest possible environmental protection in the entire value creation chain. We are convinced that sustainable ecological care contributes to sustainable economic success.


... a company rich in traditions

that aims for long term economic success.

We are not geared towards short term profits, but long term stability. This cautious way of thinking shows in the way we design our products and fix our prices as well as in our solid financial situation. We are interested in long term customer relations.


... a prudent employer

with satisfied, responsible staff members

We are interested in satisfied staff, which often fulfils tasks requiring delicate handling with pleasure and a sense of responsibility. This attitude of the company is expressed in a fair salary scheme, an environment where open discussions are welcome and which respects people’s differences. 


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