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When purchasing a hazardous substance, our customers are provided with the corresponding safety data sheet by e-mail in accordance with legal requirements. If new safety-relevant findings arise for a product, such as a changed classification or new risk minimisation measures, an updated safety data sheet for the respective product is automatically sent to our customers by e-mail if the product was purchased last year. 

As a special service, we now offer you our safety data sheets for online download. This gives you quick and uncomplicated access to the safety-relevant information of the respective products. 

You will find the safety data sheets on our download portal under:


The safety data sheet

According to Article 31 of REACH, safety data sheets for all dangerous substances and mixtures (and under certain conditions also for non-hazardous mixtures) must be prepared by the supplier and sent to the consignee free of charge at the latest upon delivery. 

The safety data sheet has long been a proven means of communication in the chemical industry. The REACH and CLP regulations introduced many innovations a few years ago, including the safety data sheet. This also applies to the eye-catching and memorable symbols and warnings, which signal the corresponding risks on the containers. However, these risks and dangers and the resulting protective measures cannot simply be described by a few key words or pictograms. This is therefore covered by the relevant safety data sheet for hazardous substances.  
The legal requirements of the REACH Regulation are fulfilled by the information collected in 16 subsections. According to the Austrian Chemicals Act §25, the users of these chemicals have to decide, on the basis of the information provided in the safety data sheet and the applicable legal provisions, which measures are to be taken with regard to health and environmental protection to adequately control the risks.
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