REACH in the Donau Chemie Group

REACH is very important for the Donau Chemie Group. We participate in numerous REACH consortia and are the lead registrant for calcium carbide. This allows us to have directly access to the real life of REACH and have our finger at the pulse of the time.

To satisfy your information needs we would like to draw your attention to our REACH position:

Our positions:
  • DONAU CHEMIE AG registered all the produced substances, i.e. sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, caustic soda, chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, poly aluminium chloride, iron chloride, calcium carbide and calcium oxide. The registration numbers you will find here.
  • DONAUCHEM GmbH registered all imported substances and shall – depending on the quantities –register by 2018, at the latest. The continuation of supply in view to REACH will not be disrupted. This certainly applies also for DONAUCHEM preparations. Notifications to the classification and labelling inventory for imported substances – if not registered – are carried out.
    If you are interested in SVHC-substances and substances, which are registered as strictly controlled intermediates, please contact us. 
    The registration numbers you will find here.
  • DONAU CARBON GmbH registered activated carbon. 
    The registration numbers you will find here.
  • DONAU KANOL GmbH & Co. KG shall – if mandatory - register her products in due time. 
Since end of 2008 we have been contacting our business partners to learn about their uses and exposure scenarios. We follow the policy to cover uses with a range as broad as possible. Acting as distributor we will forward your uses and exposure scenarios to our suppliers.
Our material safety data sheets are constantly updated - according to the REACH regulation.
Dr. Johannes Stockinger Head of HSE&Q
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Dr. Thomas Sturm REACH-Coordinator
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