Donau Chemie - Water Technology

The Water Technology Division of the Business Unit CHEMIE develops, manufactures and sells precipitants and flocculants based on iron and aluminum chloride for the wide range of water treatment and products for specific industrial applications. The range reaches from the municipal and industrial sewage treatment, municipal drinking water and pool water treatment, to solutions for the paper industry as well as products for the optimization of biogas processes.

Our Products and Solutions include:
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Drinking Water Purification
  • Pool Water Treatment
  • Odor and Corrosion Control
  • Solutions for the paper and pulp production
  • Additives for the production of biogas
  • Technical Advice & Analysis
  • Provision of appropriate dosing
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Training Courses

Your Water Technology Bonus
  • Competitive advantage for our customers through high investments in R&D and close cooperation with the customer in research projects
  • Highest degree of supply safety and high quality consultancy
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Safety and application specific training sessions

For details, please visit the website of the Water Technology Division
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