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Application Development / Coding

​Duration of apprenticeship: 4 years

Job Description:

Application developers - coding create software applications for computers and IT systems (e.g. also for smartphones and tablets), specific industry software and browser applications. They program the applications, set up databases, create user accesses, perform tests, document the processes and always pay attention to data protection and encryption, development standards, code conventions and licenses.



​Duration of apprenticeship: 3 Jahre

Job Description:

Operational logistics clerks are experts in the field of professional warehousing. They work in goods and materials warehouses, where they act as an important liaison between suppliers, customers and other departments. They work with electronically supported transport and information systems.


​​Duration of apprenticeship: 3 Jahre

Job Description:

Office administrators perform all important office and secretarial work as well as various administrative and organizational tasks. They have a sound commercial know-how and are well versed in the use of computers, the Internet and office software programs. Depending on the area of work and the focus of the task, they work, for example, in the secretarial office, in accounting or in purchasing, sales, shipping and warehousing. Depending on the type and size of the company, they work together in a team with colleagues and with employees from other departments.


​Duration of apprenticeship: 3,5 Jahre

Job Description:

Chemical laboratory technicians conduct chemical, physical-chemical, biochemical and biotechnological investigations and experiments on a wide variety of substances. Using computer-controlled equipment and microscopes, they examine chemicals (e.g., acids, gases), intermediates (e.g., plastics and metals), and end products (e.g., foods, pharmaceuticals). They also work together with their chemical engineering colleagues in laboratories.


​Duration of apprenticeship: 3,5 Jahre

Job Description:
Chemical process technicians work in industrial chemical plants, where they control, check and maintain equipment to manufacture chemical products. They clean, prepare and adjust the large and sometimes computer-controlled production plants for chemical processing. They feed the machines with the required raw materials and operate the equipment for mechanical, physical-chemical or thermal separation, dust removal or gas purification and monitor and document the process using modern process control systems and computer technology. They take samples for examination in company laboratories, check material and state variables and detect and eliminate disturbances in the production process. Chemical process technicians work in laboratories and production halls, e.g. on production machines and equipment, computers, microscopes. They work together with chemists, chemical laboratory technicians, etc.The combination option of the apprenticeships chemical laboratory technology and chemical process engineering lasts 4 years.



​Duration of apprenticeship: ​​3,5 Jahre

Job Description:

Electrical engineers are involved in the production as well as repair of a wide variety of equipment, such as a fully automated production plant. They are responsible for ensuring that machines and systems for power generation and distribution function without malfunctions, but they are also used to search for and correct malfunctions and errors in electronic systems and software solutions.

​Industriekauffrau / Industriekaufmann

​Duration of apprenticeship: 3 Jahre

Job Description:

The range of tasks performed by industrial clerks is very diverse, as they are responsible for numerous commercial tasks in industrial companies in all sectors. They work in offices and secretariats or in the various operational departments such as administration, warehouse, purchasing or customer service. They are responsible for telephone, e-mail and written correspondence and keep operational records. Depending on the department or area of responsibility, they may also be responsible for purchasing raw materials and supplies, for warehouse logistics or for marketing and advertising. Industrial clerks work in a team with colleagues and other commercial specialists and have contact with suppliers and customers.

​​IT Betriebstechnik

​Duration of apprenticeship: 4​ Jahre

Job Description:

Information technologists with a focus on operations technology they take care of all aspects of the IT infrastructure, from networks and environments for production applications (software) to the end devices (production machines). They configure the devices with the corresponding applications (software), plan and create networks, server systems, cloud solutions, data storage and back-up systems and create authorization concepts. IT Operations Engineers work with colleagues for automated production equipment and software to build new IT environments for production. They create technical concepts and solutions and administer and create databases and interfaces for production applications. They carry out regular tests of the IT infrastructure, document the technical processes, maintain and expand the systems and rectify weak points and errors.

​Metalltechnik / Sparte Maschinenbautechnik

​Duration of apprenticeship: ​3,5 Jahre

Job Description:

Metal technicians in mechanical engineering technology manufacture and assemble machines and machine parts. They are mainly involved in the assembly, maintenance and repair of machines. As part of maintenance and service work, they replace defective machine parts and components and also manufacture spare parts themselves. Mechanical engineering technicians process metals and operate computer-aided systems and equipment. They work with colleagues, supervisors and various skilled and unskilled workers.

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