Advance and develop

Based on the concept of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey, we focus on supporting our employees and thereby to achieve better results. In doing so we assist you in using the general principles of effectiveness in practice in order to raise your productivity, to improve your communication, to strengthen your relationships, to enlarge your sphere of influence, to concentrate on your most important priorities and consequently to help you to achieve both your own and the company’s long-term goals.  

 Development tools

“The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” – Training programme (Steven R. Covey)

By analysing and reviewing approaches and behaviour regarding personal as well as professional effectiveness, we aim to raise the effectiveness of individuals and of the team through personal responsibility, establishing priorities as well as focussing on the essentials. Our thoughts and actions are based on this integral framework model for effective teamwork and for our team and management culture.  

Junior leadership lab

As one of the many modules in the junior leadership program offered by Donau Chemie, “High Potentials” offers training opportunities in the areas of management, communication, time management and business administration. The intensive discussion on these subject areas gives each individual participant career opportunities, allows them to develop a common understanding of management and to ensure knowledge is built up and transferred within the group, it makes innovation possible and ensures our organisation’s long-term competitiveness.

Specific programs

Branching off from the respective missions of the individual business units, focus is given to further developing respective core competencies through group and location-specific training and workshops. By tailoring the training according to needs and integrating it into Donau Chemie’s corporate strategy we can ensure the long-term and successful development of our employees and our organisation.
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